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Mobile Application Marketing

Developing an App and launching it into the market is one thing. Making profits from the steady sales of your App is another thing altogether. Unfocussed marketing campaigns, or lack of marketing, can bury the prospects of earning a decent income from your programming creativity. There is no doubt that your app could be the best thing in the market, but without the proper marketing, chances of earning a decent living from it are greatly diminished.

The best way to give your app visibility and command in the highly competitive app market is to let experts handle your marketing campaigns. At Appsters, we are shaping ourselves not only as the world’s leading App creators but also as the best marketing campaign facilitators. Our well-strategized and customized marketing campaigns will lift your app from oblivion and literally push your sales through the roof.

We handle every aspect of marketing from creating hype and publicity right before your app hits the market to directing viable prospects and leads to your app store through our strategized and customized social media networks.

Our three-tier marketing and publicity campaigns include giving your ad the requisite publicity, putting ads in the right places and tracking the performance of our marketing campaigns.

How We Do Things Different?

We are also establishing ourselves as a force to reckon with in the field of PR. By working hand in hand with App press moguls including the revered team of Help A Reporter Out (HARO) and the exclusive app promoting media, Appromoter, we make sure that your new App causes a buzz in all the right places.

At Appsters, we understand that finding an appropriate, cost-effective and efficient Ad-network to give your app that extra boosts can be haranguing, time-consuming and costly. That is why we are continuously taking the efforts to partner with reputable App Ad-networks. We are continuously strengthening our mutual cooperation with ad- networks including iAd, TapForTap, Flurry App Circle, Chartboost, Admob, Vungle and loopMe

And yes, like with every other online marketing campaign, our efforts do not stop with just pushing your app into the market and giving it publicity. Tracking the performance of your marketing campaign serves as a crucial way of getting feedback which helps us restructure or improve your app marketing strategies. Towards this end, we are working in close collaboration with App marketing analytics including Tapstream, Yozio, Distimo’s Applink among others.

Don’t let your app fade into oblivion due to lack of proper and efficient marketing. Let our team of skilled high-proficient and professional marketers do the hard work for you.

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