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Enterprise Security Solutions

There are great changes that are being witnessed today. Smart phones are changing traditions and the way we know life itself. Swiftly replacing orthodox computing, the user-base today is rapidly shifting to mobiles.

For app developers, this means a potential shift from designing desktop applications to apps for mobile OS. Hackers too aren’t left behind and are looking for loopholes. If phishing worries you spamming quirks you, you need security. Security tests are essential – you do not want to leave out any stumbling bricks. Appsters helps you design apps that are secure and can deliver always.


Mobile Application Penetration Test

Hackers can use other installed applications to hack into an application without one knowing. If you do not trust the mobile app, you shouldn’t ever install it. Unfortunately, even then, one cannot always be sure.

This is where Mobile Application Penetration Test kicks in. The test is used to identify these vulnerabilities which can pose a great danger to one’s security. One of the ways to test, will include coming up with customized threat profiles with the aim of finding app contextual security loopholes. Hackers can do this and try to use profile to access different applications.


Mobile Application Source Code Review

This test majorly focuses on the developer’s side of view and looks on the source code level. It is easy for a hacker to put codes in apps so that they may open up a security loophole.

Assessments help chalk out all the vulnerabilities and come up with a way to put security measures on them. It isn’t easy designing an app and there are vulnerabilities that can be left behind when designing, developing and coding apps.

Our tests will ensure that the app you develop is secure, so that users who use it cannot have a reason to complain – and bad reviews can damage chances of the app’s success severely.

More, you do not want to be entangled in a lawsuit – which might just be the case if there is a breach of privacy. For users, it is scary to come and find out that someone has been accessing all their information.

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