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Co-Founder Mythology

Every start up faces hiccups. These challenges make the initial stage a nightmare for most start ups – and they cannot reach to their full potential by reaching out to its apt customer base. Cash crunch is a phenomenon any starting entrepreneur will face. And when you are launching an app, gathering the funds for marketing and ultimate launch of an app could be one of the toughest things.

Creation of an app can be costly

Don’t worry, we will help you. Appsters is the perfect solution when it comes to getting a quality app at an affordable rate. Come to us with your budget and we will come up with an agreement that will help you realize your dreams - even when you may not have a whole lot of budget available. One of the ways we do this is to create apps on a 50:50 profit sharing ratio for startups, so that you can overcome the financial challenge that always seems to be a great obstruction to many who have great ideas. You can expose your apps to the market without having to risk a lot – if you work on a partnership basis with us. More, you get to learn comfortably without having to do it the hard way. It is the safest way to learn this business comfortably without much hustle.

And yes, you can look and concentrate on other important aspects of your business; we will take care of everything for you. Be it making apps or marketing them, we will help you take care of everything. And with a partnership with us, you are protected from any risk that may happen. So, if for any reason your app doesn’t perform as well as it should, with a 50:50 partnership plan you will be protected from deep losses.

At Appsters, when you use 50:50 partnerships, you will learn how to strategize and come out as a leader in the market. There is a lot you need to know before getting into the world of mobile apps. And if you are thinking about making apps, it is good to learn about mobile apps trends and what the mobile users need and their preferences. A 50:50 partnership will be of great help for small companies like restaurants and shops that don’t have an IT team to provide them assistance.

If you have a great idea, we are ready to get into an agreement with you and help your startup grow. Come to Appsters and we will help you out.

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