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Quality Assurance

At Appsters, quality is our principal commanding rule. We take great care to develop and deliver apps that are fully functional and in total compliance with the clients specific needs. Every app that we develop is taken through rigorous quality tests at each and every step of the development. The end result is an app that is bug-free, industry-standard and that has passed all the Quality Assurance tests for mobile applications.

Our guidelines for developing quality apps include designing an app that best meets the client’s needs and that is fully operational in different environments. Before we deliver the final product to the client, our quality assurance team makes sure that each app has been taken through the following tests:


App Functionality Test

The App Functionality test is geared towards ensuring that every part of the app is performing as it should. During the test, we invite our clients to observe, record and give recommendations for the improvement of the app. Clients are also allowed to suggest additional parameters that they may want included in the app in order to best fit their specific business needs.


App Configuration Test

The app configuration test tests for compatibility of the app across multiple platforms. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that your app can function in as many varied devices as possible. Having an app that can function across a wide range of platforms increases the apps market reach and increases the end customer satisfaction.

Unlike many other app developers, we test for both the compatibility across various operating systems as well as for compatibility tests based on individual device characteristics such as screen resolution, memory and RAM specifications among others.


Load Testing

Appsters understands the agony of having to deal with an app that takes a decade to load. We fully understand that the load time of an app can make or break its success in the market. That is the reason why our quality assurance team never rests until we are fully confident that the load time of your app is as optimal as it should be across the different operating platforms.

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